Welcome to PLANWORLD!

This blog aims to be the one stop reference for all supply chain planing professionals. Whether you are embarking on the exciting career of supply chain planning or a mid career professional in planning, you will always find resources here that will support your professional career. For the more experienced professional, PLANWORLD brings latest news and trends in the supply chain planning industry.

PLANWORLD was started by alumni of MIT Supply Chain & Logistics Center of Excellence who have extensive experience in supply Chain planning. The founding bloggers have consulted for multiple Fortune 500 firms around the globe on various supply chain challenges for over a decade. During their interaction with various firms, the founders identified a knowledge gap in the planning industry. Professionals were either highly technical  or highly operational, with weak fundamentals in the supply chain planning process. PLANWORLD seeks to help professionals learn the basics of supply chain planning, be aware of multiple tools that are available for supply chain planning and the latest research in supply chain planning.

We hope that our readers will find our contributions to the supply chain planing community useful. please do share your comments and queries and we will try our best to revert.


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